Thursday, 24 January 2008

Where Is My Mind?

Radio Protector is branching out (probably only for this once) into movies! Or rather a song, posted under the pretence of talking about movies. I dont really know anything about films to be honest, which is rather worrying for somebody with a Media and Journalism degree. Nevertheless, i get by. Just.

Basically i'm just wanting to pimp the new film based on a Chuck Palahniuk novel, called Choke. The more educated or culturally aware among you might remember the name Chuck Palahniuk from the first movie adaptation of one of his novels - Fight Club. Without doubt one of the best movies of all time. And no, i'm not biased. Honestly.

First stills of Choke (which stars the excellent Sam Rockwell) are all over the internet...

("Happy hour? I'll decide if it's happy, you decide which hour it is. Deal?")

...and they look rather swell too. Initial reports from the Sundance Film Festival where the movie has been showing for the first time are all positive, with Fox Searchlight picking up the distribution rights for $5 million USD. I've never said USD before, due to the fact i've never known what it meant until i looked it up on wikipedia the other day. Stupid me.

An interview about Choke is posted above. It featured clips and comments and all sorts of good shizzle.

Now, before i forget, this is a music blog. So you're probably hear looking for music (fair assumption, i'm sure you'll agree) - so without further ado, lets speak about the Pixies.

Okay, that's another subject i know very little about. However i do love the aforementioned film (and novel) Fight Club, so i first took an interest in the Pixies after hearing their classic track Where Is My Mind? at the end of the closing scene of the movie. Never has a track better fitted the climax of a film in my opinion, it's just perfection.

Download of Where Is My Mind? by the Pixies...



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Thursday, 17 January 2008

When The Ship Sinks We Stick Together

Radio Protector is back. Again. We seem to be incapable of keeping this blog running due to social commitments and apathy. Still, i'm giving it another shot due to the fact this place is still racking up page views without any updates. Means some people are finding it and hopefully enjoying it, which is why it was started in the first place!

For our first entry back i've decided to go with something new and probably little heard - My OK Hotel. Hailing from Kildare in Ireland (lovely place, i've been. Well i think i have. If it's not where i think it is, then it probably isn't very nice at all.) My OK Hotel play a relaxing blend of indie rock which does ever so well to stay firmly planted on the credible side of the fence.

Think Four Day Hombre with Gary Lightbody on vocals, and you're halfway there to imagining how they sound. Their myspace lists influences such as The Reindeer Section, The Postal Service, Modest Mouse, Grandaddy, and Broken Social Scene. Normally i would only use my own examples of what a band sounds alike to, but in this case the band very clearly know who they are and what their sound is. How refreshing that is.

Having been picked for Oxegen Festival 2007 in Ireland as one of the two local bands, My OK Hotel are definately a band for the future if they can carve out a niche in what they do. On the strength of the four tracks i've heard so far, they certainly stand a great chance of doing so.

(Standard "we're doing a promo shot, where do we look?" pose.)

Their wonderful four track EP is hosted for free download on their website, so i can feel utterly guiltless in offering you them for your listening pleasure. Tracks are just Right Click And Save, nice and simple. Hope you enjoy!

When The Ship Sinks We Stick Together EP

1 - Too Bright
2 - Man On Ambulance
3 - When The Ship Sinks We Stick Together
4 - People And Trains

You get check out further information about My Ok Hotel via the following links...

Official Website


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